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Patterns by The Dollies’ Dressmaker for the Simplicity Pattern Company.
Styles inspired by vintage 1970s and 1940s Simplicity pattern designs.

The Dollies Dressmaker has been specializing in period doll clothes for the American Girl doll since 1998. The goal of Cindy Hernandez, of The Dollies Dressmaker, is to hold true to the original Pleasant Company concept, which was to offer quality doll clothes for the historical American Girl dolls. Clothing is offered for Caroline; Felicity and Elizabeth; Josefina; Kirsten; Marie-Grace and Cecile; Addy; Samantha and Nellie; Rebecca; Kit and Ruthie; Molly and Emily; Julie and Ivy; as well as several items for the Girl of Today or other type of outfits.
American Girl Doll ~ Samantha

Most outfits are from the decade of the doll but not necessarily from the exact year. Occasionally, when the “creative juices” take over, every detail may not be dedicated to the time period but the general silhouette fits the era. Sometimes outfits are made from vintage fabrics or incorporate vintage trims into the design, which are generally hand applied to obtain the nicest finish. This type of outfit is not always suitable for younger American Girl collectors. Use your own discretion on whether or not the item is suitable for your child.

All outfits and ensembles are entirely serged and professionally finished inside; come with a Dollies Dressmaker label; have superior and impeccable sewing quality and workmanship; are designed and sewn by award winning doll costumer, Cindy Hernandez; AND are made in the USA!

For those who sew, patterns for antique and reproduction doll clothes are offered along with several doll costuming articles. Thank you for visiting!