Toddler Girl Clothing

Such a Doll | Toddler Girl Clothing | by Cindy Hernandez

• A Toddler Girl Clothing Line •

Cindy Hernandez, known widely for the last 25 years as The Dollies Dressmaker, is now offering the same superb workmanship in a new quality product– a line of toddler girl clothing!

The toddler label, Such a Doll, fulfills one of Cindy’s dreams–to design a clothing line for little girls if she ever had a granddaughter. The granddaughter was born, designing began, and now, “Such a doll!” is no longer only a compliment, but also a style!

Toddler Girl Skirt | Red Stripes and Polka Dots | by Such a DollToddler Girl Skirt | Repro Fabric and Vintage Lace | by Such a Doll

Toddler Girl Skirt | Fleece Leopard Print | by Such a DollToddler Girl Skirt | Floral Bubble Skirt | by Such a Doll

Such a Doll | Toddler Girl Gathered Skirt | by The Dollies DressmakerSuch a Doll | Toddler Girl Circle Skirt | by The Dollies Dressmaker

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