Can you let me know when you put new items on your website?
The Dollies’ Dressmaker cannot email individuals to let them know when new items are posted to the website. There are a couple of ways to find out what’s new.

  • The BEST way is to join The Dollies Dressmaker Mailing List to have an email delivered directly to your inbox. There is a link on the right sidebar.
  • Click the Facebook link in the right sidebar to see What’s New at your convenience or LIKE us on Facebook to have the content delivered directly to your Facebook timeline. NOTE: Facebook does not show every post in your timeline. Unless you go directly to The Dollies’ Dressmaker Facebook page, you may not be seeing all posts and is therefore not a 100% reliable way to know what’s new.

Will you make my daughters school uniform for her doll?
Do you make matching doll and girl outfits?
Will you make a child’s dress in the same design as one of the doll dresses?
Will you make a snap closure instead of velcro?
The answer to all of the above questions is no. The Dollies’ Dressmaker does not accept orders for any type of custom work because of the time they consume.

Do you sell patterns for your American Girl doll clothes designs?
At the present time patterns are not available. The Dollies’ Dressmaker launched Timelines patterns in 2002, but the line was suspended due to inappropriate use by some who purchased them. This prompted Timelines to be discontinued and a Terms of Sale to be implemented. It is unfortunate some people feel they are unaffected by copyright infringement. The pattern line may again be available in the future, but probably not in the near future.

Can you make the outfits I see in the doll “Gallery” web pages for me?
The outfits and ensembles seen in the “Gallery of Dolls” web pages are a combination of currently available outfits, one-of-a-kind, or outfits that have sold out. The outfits that are not currently for sale cannot be reproduced. These styles are offered again in other fabrics and trims as time permits. To learn when they are offered, join The Dollies Dressmaker Mailing List, or LIKE us on Facebook to have the content delivered directly to your Facebook timeline.

Does The Dollies’ Dressmaker ever donate items to organizations such as school or church groups with worthy causes?
The Dollies’ Dressmaker is unable to donate products requested by various organizations, even though they may be worthy of support.