Sweet Dreams, Bleuette

My Bleuette, Mae, has her cuddly pillow and bedcover and is ready for slumber in her 1911 Robe de Chambre and 1915 Chemise de Nuit. The pillow and bedcover are from the 1917 Taie D’oreiller (pillowcase) and La Couverture de Berceau (Crochet Bedcover) patterns.

Sweet Dreams, Mae!

The body of the robe de chambre, or dressing gown, is made from a very soft vintage fabric with a beautiful surface sheen. The vintage contrast fabric has a little more body, but also has a lovely sheen. It was suited to the chain stitch embroidery quite nicely. The pattern suggested the robe be made of flannel since it is a winter dressing gown. Although I had some in my stash, I didn’t use it since it wasn’t the right color to keep within the blue and yellow color scheme. The pattern illustration does not have chain stitching around the neck of the robe, but the pattern piece showed the chain stitch design. I debated whether to make the collar like the pattern or  save myself some time and make it look like the illustration. In the end I spent the extra time and I’m glad I did. The chain stitch around the neck adds just the right detail to the overall look of the robe.

As the pattern states, the chemise de nuit, or nightgown, is “piece indispensable au trousseau de Bleuette“. In other words, the nightgown is an essential and indispensable part of Bleuette’s trousseau! Every dolly needs a nightgown! Mae’s chemise de nuit is made from new fabric of a very fine cotton/linen blend. It is a basic and simple nightgown, with blue feather-stitching.

The pillowcase is embroidered in hues of the yellow and blue color scheme. The embroidery is a combination of  lazy daisy stitch and french knots that produces a charming design. I used a piece of beautiful vintage lace for the ruffle that my cousin’s wife sent me (thanks, RaNae!!), and made a faux closure on the back of the pillowcase with vintage mother-of-pearl buttons.

The bedcover was crocheted with fine wool yarn leftover from a needlepoint project I did years ago. Vintage ribbon is added for the embellishment.

Left: La Semaine de Suzette ~ 1911 Robe de Chambre    Right: La Semaine de Suzette ~ 1915 Chemise de Nuit
La Semaine de Suzette ~  1911 Robe de ChambreLa Semaine de Suzette ~ 1915 Chemise de Nuit
1915 Chemise de Nuit ~ Detail
1911 Robe de Chambre ~ Front Detail
1911 Robe de Chambre ~ Back Detail

Left: La Semaine de Suzette ~ 1917 Taie D’oreiller    Right: La Semaine de Suzette ~ 1917 La Couverture de Berceau
La Semaine de Suzette ~ 1917 La Couverture de BerceauLa Semaine de Suzette ~ 1917 Taie D'oreiller
Bleuette ~1917 Taie D'oreiller and La Couverture de Berceau1917 Taie D'oreiller ~ Pillow Back
Bleuette ~ 1911 Robe de Chambre

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4 Responses to “Sweet Dreams, Bleuette”

  1. Victoria Fabiani October 23, 2010 at 12:07 PM #

    Your work is wonderful.
    I used to go to a Catholic School back in my country of origin (Uruguay), One of my classes was embroidery with a nun by the name of Sacre Coeur. She was very strict, but all of us learn a lot from her.
    Today I know how to appreciate work like yours. Thanks to her.

  2. dolliesdressmaker October 26, 2010 at 6:32 PM #

    Thank you, Victoria 🙂
    Sounds like I would have liked your teacher…a perfectionist…just like me!

  3. Marsha March 1, 2011 at 7:25 PM #

    Your attention to detail is awesome!! I recently purchased a reproduction Bleuette
    and am getting inspired by seeing your beautiful outfits .

  4. dolliesdressmaker March 2, 2011 at 11:27 AM #

    Enjoy your new Bleuette, Marsha!
    Start sewing now, because it will take forever to make all the outfits she will demand! LOL

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