Bleuette Trousseau

I am making each of my Bleuettes a trousseau from the patterns of La Semaine de Suzette. Each doll represents a specific time period. Photos will be added as I finish each outfit for them. These outfits are not for sale.

They are outfits that I have created for my own personal dolls over the years and are displayed on my website with the hope that others will take inspiration from them and begin creating wardrobes for their own dolls. All outfits are 100% hand sewn.

You can meet my Bleuettes below. As an item is made, a post will be added to their respective trousseau category. Click on the links to see each dolls trousseau.

Mae  •  1905 – 1916  •  6/0 Fleischmann and Blödel

Bleuette ~ Mae

Geneve  •  1916 – 1933  •  SFBJ 60

Bleuette ~ Geneve

Other Pictures and La Semaine de Suzette Items

Bleuette Trousseau