Bleuette ~ 1929 Ensemble Fleuri

Flowered Outfit. In the Ensemble Fleuri pattern Suzanne Rivière tells us that Bleuette wants this outfit for her wardrobe simply because of the “delicious name”. I supplied the outfit for my Bleuette, Violetta, by incorporating a flowered print from the 20s/30s fabric I found at an estate sale.

I’m not a big fan of the brown/tan/orange color combination of the vintage fabric. But I DO love certain shades of orange and burgundy together. The brown in the print fabric had enough red in it that I was able to combine it with the solid burgundy cotton. So in the end, I love the color scheme of the outfit.

The hem of the dress is trimmed with the burgundy bolero fabric. The belt is made from the bolero fabric as well, and the buckle was saved from a pair of sandals I wore years ago! Being a pack rat pays off sometimes!

Suzanne Rivière also comments at the end of the pattern that Bleuette is so spoiled and knows what she wants.
Violetta was clear that she also wanted a chapeau and shoes along with her new ensemble! In the 1927 Chapeau de Chenille pattern it states that hats of chenille are all the fashion and Bleuette has seen them and thinks they are very beautiful! So I again complied with her wishes by crocheting her the chenille hat. Her new shoes were then cobbled from the 1921 Petits Souliers en Peau de Gants (little shoes from glove leather) pattern from matching leather – but not from a glove.

The Chapeau de Chenille is a very fun hat to make. I’m sure I’ll be making more of these for my spoiled Bleuette!

Left: 1929 Ensemble Fleuri    Right: La Semaine de Suzette ~ 1929 Ensemble Fleuri
Bleuette ~ 1929 Ensemble FleuriBleuette ~ 1929 Ensemble Fleuri
Top: 1927 Chapeau de Chenille    Middle: 1929 Ensemble Fleuri ~ Detail    Bottom: 1921 Petits Souliers en Peau de Gants
Bleuette ~ 1929 Ensemble Fleuri

Bleuette ~ 1929 Ensemble Fleuri

Bleuette ~ 1929 Ensemble Fleuri

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2 Responses to “Bleuette ~ 1929 Ensemble Fleuri”

  1. Kim Hayes January 28, 2010 at 3:30 PM #

    Your Bleuette wardrobes are stunning! 🙂 I loved the crocheted chenille chapeau! Did you find a source for a translated pattern? I would love to make one of these for my girls! I can barely get through crochet directions in English – much less French – ha! Thanks so much for taking the time to share – I really enjoyed it and feel inspired by your creativity!
    Kim Hayes

  2. dolliesdressmaker January 28, 2010 at 4:05 PM #

    Thank you, Kim 🙂
    I used the translated instructions from the Fall 2005 issue of Bleuette’s World for the chapeau. It was a lot of fun and quite easy to make. The chenille yarn is a joy to work with, too!

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