Bleuette ~ 1905 Robe de Maison

Nadine is wearing the Robe de Maison, or “At Home Dress”–the first pattern offered for Bleuette. The doll arrived wearing only a chemise and so was in need of a full wardrobe. The pattern states that since the most important thing is that the new recipient of Bleuette will want to show her to their friends, a dress for “at home” is necessary. This is the reason for the first pattern. The pattern further instructs the child to ask their mother or big sister for the key to the closet that holds the fabric remnants.

My Robe de Maison is made from a lovely piece of vintage checked cotton. The finish is very smooth and fine, just like the cottons from Liberty of London. I found one tiny scrap of beautiful vintage lace that just fit around the neck, and so vintage tatting was used to decorate the sleeve and hem ruffles. Crisp vintage silk taffeta ribbon worked well for the rosettes and sash.

Left: 1905 Robe de Maison    Right: La Semaine de Suzette ~ 1905 Robe de Maison
Bleuette ~ 1905 Robe de Maison

Top: Upper Detail     Middle: Lace Detail    Bottom: Lower Detail

1905 Robe de Maison ~ Lace Detail

1905 Robe de Maison ~ Lower Detail


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